Let us go back to 1990s. We originated our business running development and space rental activities. Over the years, thanks to the gathered experience, regular and successive market monitoring, we decided to develop tailor-made services for manufacturers, distributors or ultimately - for online stores.

Logistics operator with more than 25 years of experience.

We invest in our own parks and are constantly expanding our business. We focus on innovative solutions, security and technology, enabling us to do business with a wide range of industries and the most discerning customers.

Environmental care plays also a pivotal role for us - we are investing in photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our warehousing facilities which, in addition to environmental care, enables cost optimisation for us and our customers.

In our company, we are true to our traditions and values, which is why we have continued to be a family business for more than 25 years. We rely on long-term relationships both within our organisation and externally. We believe that people are behind every success, which is why we take care of our employees' development and continuously improve their competences.

Our business development is also closely driven by our long-standing business partners, who have been with us since the our business origins, viz. almost 25 years. It is thanks to their needs that we have been able to grow successively and expand the range of our services.

25 years

of experience in the
B2B service segment

50 000+

pallet holding

15 000


For 25 years now we have been delivering services to our customers

We are a Polish company that has been building its strong market position for more than 25 years. We have successfully combined experience with a a continuous development strategy. As a result, we remain a modern company, offering services tailored to the growing requirements of our customers. Pick up a particular year to find out more.

Out certificates and distinctions

Our commitment is testified by the numerous awards and certificates we have received over the past 25 years.

Our people


We are a family-run business employing people with passion, great commitment and long-term experience. We focus on the continuous development of our team's competences and powers, as well as good relationships that translate into trust, stability and harmonious development. We educate our personnel to equip them with skills allowing to take more responsibilities. We believe that a good working atmosphere and correct communication can help us to provide the highest service level.

We support

We believe that only belief in the power of dreams can guide us to a set goal. We regularly support young talents in sports such as tennis, billiards and football. We support niche and entrant football clubs and inapparent sports initiatives.

We collaborate

For many years now, we have collaborated with universities from the Podkarpackie Province - the Rzeszów University of Technology and the University of Information Technology and Management. We know how important collaboration between education and business sectors is nowadays, as it creates opportunities for us to discover young talents and support scientific circles. We are happy to collaborate on apprenticeships and internships. We are also open to secondary and technical college students and are happy to host them at Reslogistic. Thanks to this initiative, we can achieve our goals in an extremely difficult field of education.