Why Reslogistic?


only for utilised space

50 000+

pallet holding positions


ISO and  HACCP certificates


Flexibility of delivery activities

Safety guarantee - monitoring/security/insurance

Commodity availability 24/7

We provide professional warehousing services that can significantly improve the operation of your business. We know how crucial an personalised approach is, which is why our offer can be tailored-made to match precisely your needs, taking into account the nature of your business.

End-to-end warehousing logistics

Guarantee of same-day acceptances /deliveries

Order preparation according to customer requirements/standards

Direct contact with a dedicated Account Manager

We provide end-to-end services and solutions for, inter alia, manufacturers, distributors, chain shops. We handle pallet orders (mix of SKUs), from acceptance to release, process automation and WMS system.

What makes us different?

More than 25 years of experience

We are a family-run business with more than 25 years of experience, which we have gained through working with major companies in various industries. We always try to apply the knowledge we have gained to new projects, so that we can offer you a service of the highest quality.

Stable, family-run business

Our company is distinguished by a stable and family-based approach, which involves paying full attention to each and every customer. Before kicking off a specific project, we always carry out an in-depth analysis to obtain sound knowledge of the customer needs and requirements. We offer constant touch with customer service and our assistance in any situation.

Own facilities, permanent location

We regularly invest in our own warehousing facilities equipped with innovative high-storage rack systems. We take advantage of many state-of-the-art solutions to store your goods with the utmost care and precision.

Integration activities

Our specialists will take care of all relevant processes, giving you the time you need to manage key aspects of your business. We integrate the entire warehousing service, in which most of the tasks performed are fully automated - from the acceptance of customer order through integration with couriers and shipping companies, to automatic report generation.

Learn about the brands that already enjoy end-to-end warehousing services

    We recommend Reslogistic as a logistics partner. Our stock is stored in secure and modern warehousing facilities. We can count on expert advice and assistance under all kinds of circumstances.

    We recommend Reslogistic as a trustworthy partner in warehousing and timely delivery and acceptance operator. The overall business relationship collaboration has been very positive and trouble-free.

    Vice-President of the Management Board

    We are a Polish brand of high-quality extractor hoods. When deciding to use an operator like Reslogistic, it was important to us not only to take care of the goods handed over to us, but above all to have a secure warehouse. After the meeting and a site visit in our warehousing facility, it became obvious that, despite its size, it was run in orderly manner, was neat and tidy, and that the entire operation was efficient and automated. Our company holds all the certificates and permits, a proper security system, so we know that our product range is in good hands.


    When looking for a solution for my business, I have come across Reslogistic, a company that provides warehouse logistics services. It has turned out that I am impressed by their performance. When a delivery arrives, which is very quickly unloaded and accepted, pallet orders are dispatched to my customers on the very next day. The error-free picking of pallet orders is almost 100 %. 

    Brand Owner Deltachairs.com

    For DS Smith- a global packaging supplier- a logistics operator showing such a high degree of cooperation, problem-solving and flexibility is an invaluable support in daily logistical struggles.

    Cooperation, even under circumstances requiring a unconventional approach, is always characterized by professionalism, high culture of communication and openness to new challenges. It remains for me to recommend Reslogistic as a reliable logistics service provider.

    Cluster Supply Chain Manager